Most of my projects are available on GitHub either as my personal projects or a collaboration in Sleepy Coders group.


A live feedback code quality system. Augments different parts of Pharo IDE with in-place quality reports.

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A visual design inspector that visualizes Small Lint critiques over Code City visualization of a system.

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The SmalltalkHub analysis spinoff showing relations between developers based on their source code contribution.



This is my master's project, that I have done together with RMoD research team of the Inria institute. The main idea of the project is a creation of generic AST that can be used to model a source code of a different languages in detail.

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This was my bachelor's project, an I'm mentoring it until now. This is logical/electrical circuits simulator. Current goal of the project is to develop a fully functional object-oriented algorithm that can calculate a state of a circuit. And then make it abstract enough to be able to model all the similar processes e.i. "connected smart nodes".


Nonogram solver

This was a project that I have done together with Ihor Mykhalevych as a part of our university course, and it is implemented in Prolog. The application solves nonograms.

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A small RoR website for a private documentary journalism project. Probably one of my longest living installations that is still being used.



Probably the only project present here that I have not really programmed. A rich front-end web app (no RIA, all JS) was developed by two members of my freelance team Unikernel. I performed a role of a technical expert. Wind-online provides many weather statistics ands serves as a helper for kite surfers.