Yuriy Tymchuk

Research Assistant @ University of Bern

I am a jack of IT trades, Pharo evangelist, and storyteller. At the moment I'm doing a Ph.D. in Software Composition Group at the University of Bern. My research topic is about software quality. More precisely: how do you integrate a software quality assistant into a development process. I've built plenty of tools and libraries to help software developers in their day to day work. I'm also involved in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Ukrainian Catholic University as I teach there, help with strategical decisions, and establish relations with foreign researchers. A big motivation behind my projects is to find a better way to develop software. Many tools and approaches that we use nowadays were invented in the previous century and there has to be a better way to solve the problems.

I have obtained BSc and MSc at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in the Facuity of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Also I've worked for 4 years as an administrator at UARNet ISP. And about a year as a programmer at Interlogic and City Media Digital AS For more information, you can download my Curriculum Vitae.

I'm interested in everything that is related with computer science, but I like software evolution and dynamic languages, the most. My other long term interest is a Kyokushinkai karate that I was practicing for 10 years. Also I like hiking, skiing, preparing a mulled wine and singing along while sitting near the fireplace.

My Trades